Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Grab Some Popcorn...It's Video Time!

This video was put together by the lovely & talented Cara Green from her recent trip. Be sure to stop by her site, watch her other great videos & give her some props!

It includes footage of lots of the great kids at Angel House including our precious one. The pictures of her looking at the pictures of us made us more than a bit weepy. Beautiful video Cara!


The Gang's All Here! said...

What a wonderful keepsake. You must be so excited to have a continual flow of recent pics - not many adopting moms get such a treat as this!

Thanks for all your encouragement. We're hanging in there. Still working thru all the stuff and seeking some steps from the agency. Hope this all comes to a conclusion soon!

Greg's Wife said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Stephanie. It was such a blessing to me to love on the kids, take the photos, and put it all together! All the TAs kids are so stinking adorable!

Kathy Eden said...

Bravo Cara...Bravo!!! That was awesome! "Loved" all the pictures but of course got choked up when I saw Caleb. Thanks!
Stephanie...I'm so glad you are being blessed with some amazing photos of your darling. I can't wait until we can have some with the both of you!

Katy said...

WOW!! What an awesome blessing. YOu must be thrilled!! She is hanging on to those photos of her family for life!! =) How precious.