Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun & Frolic at the Funeral Home

We just returned from the visitation for Uncle Otto. I have to say it was an interesting evening! Big sis D had play practice & we arranged for a family friend to pick her up when she was done. We did, however, take the boys along.

Personally, we feel it's good for children to have a healthy respect for life & death. We would never want them to do anything they weren't comfortable with, but we want them to know that death happens & it's something we shouldn't be afraid of. We have always used death & funerals as a way to talk to our kids about life after death through Christ. It's good stuff!

Anyway, I'll give you some of the highlights from the evening:
  • Mr. B started screaching to be let down the minute we walked in the room. We took him outside to let him run around a little before the rest of the family arrived (please keep in mind that Jeff is the baby of 10 kids, so his family descending upon a funeral home is not just an arrival, it's an event).

  • We were introduced to Jeff's second cousin at the entrance. She only burped loudly twice shortly after introductions. Apparently the gas station burritos she had for dinner didn't agree with her.

  • K-man had to use the bathroom the minute we walked back in. This kid LOVES public bathrooms & feels the need to check out the bathrooms the minute we walk into any public building - even if he just went at the last stop.

  • Right when we were going to go to the casket to pay our respects Mr. B let us know quite publicly that he pooped his pants. The ladies bathroom was set up such that when I pulled the changing table down it trapped a lady in one of the stalls & she couldn't exit until we were done. Good times.

  • Back to the casket...Mr. B says "what's wrong with that guy?". Jeff tells him he is sleeping. Mr. B says, "is he sick?". Jeff says no, he is sleeping. Mr. B exclaims "let's get outta here, he's wakin' up!". Good times.

  • We let Mr. B down to go by his Aunt Janie only for him to make a break for the lobby where he wildly jumped on the couch. When I came for him he dove head first several feet away to the ottoman. He stuck the landing & let me tell you it was definitely a "10". I tell you letting that kid down is like letting a chimpanzee loose at the zoo. Good times.

  • K-man disappears to the next room where a separate vistation is going on. He comes back & let me know he went to check out the other guy & that he was wearing a tuxedo. I asked him how he looked and he replied "dead". Good times.

Thankfully we found a play room in the back with coloring books, games, books & puzzles. Things settled down after this discovery & we actually had a good time visiting with people we haven't seen in a while.

They look innocent enough, don't you think?

You may think I was asking for trouble by taking the boys along, but we've never held back from including our kids in things that are a part of everyday life. Unfortunately funerals are a part of life, but there is victory for those that know Him. Good times.

But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:57


Colleen said...

Thanks for the great laugh tonight, Stephanie! Your boys are a riot!

All kidding aside, you are in prayers during this time of loss. B;essings to your family!

Eric and Michelle said...

That made me laugh out loud. I also have a public restroom lover... May your heart be comforted in loss from the God of all comfort. Laughter is good medicine. Thank you for my dose tonight :)

Bill and Christina said...

Hi Stephanie,
We use that same phrase around here. Good Times and boy are they many good times. But we wouldn't trade then for the world! I hope that you are doing well and are finding the comfort you seek. But I do have to say I laughed at your post because it is so like my life and I love it! You just have to laugh or you just might cry!

Little Patch of Heaven said...

This is funny. I can so relate to this since I have two boys. I agree with sharing the life and death with your children.

Katy said...

I am just cracking up laughing at this...that is hysterical. Opposite of your little boy, my nephew E HATES public restrooms, to where he will throw an all out fit if he gets near one lately. He is petrified of getting sucked in by the automatic toilets, but thinks they are ALL like that. We have resorted lately to allowing him to go in the weeds a few times in a pinch, and now he always says, "no, no, can't I just go in the weeds?" Even in the grocery store parking lot, no weeds in sight! His antics keep us hopping!

Tim & Sarah said...

definately good times!

crispy said...

Good times indeed. You made me laugh on this one. You have a great perspective.