Monday, May 12, 2008

Walking by Faith

I love it when I open my inbox & there's a devotional that speaks exactly to the needs my heart. Today was one such day when God hand-picked & delivered a message just for me. This entire adoption journey has been a walk by faith & I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned along the way.


God's promises are the assurances He gives to His people so we can walk by faith while we wait for Him to work.

How we relate to God is determined by what we do with His promises. Do you believe them? Have you learned that when you walk by sight you never win? But when you walk by faith, and believe there will be a day when He will fulfill them, He will never disappoint you. God sees you in this situation you face today. He knows how hard it is to walk by faith. He knows our frame and He remembers that we are dust (Psalm 103:14). And He's not going to leave you wondering what's going to happen, or uncertain about the future or overcome by fear. He makes promises to you so that you can get through the long nights and the difficult days of waiting. He asks you to hang on to His promises for the long haul.

The hard part of doing that, of course, is the gap between His promise and His fulfillment of that promise. Almost always, His promises are not going to be answered tomorrow or the next day. That's why He gives us something to hold on to.

And while we wait, God builds our faith. I guarantee you that when you rest in the promises of God, you have a great life. You live more confidently. You believe good things are in store for you. As long as you're living in doubt and defeat, you've got nothing to look forward to. But if you anticipate His blessing, He's never going to let you down. His reputation is on the line. He's promised to do some things in your life and when you hold on to what He's promised, you're going to win in the end.


Katy said...

Wow, my friend, I can't imagine a more perfect devotional for me this week, and really for the whole adoption process. Thank you so much for sharing this, and thank you for praying for me without even asking yesterday, knowing that I was hurting. A friend who has never even met me in person, willing to take God's lead and pray for me-How awesome is that? =)

crispy said...

Thanks for sharing this uplifting blessing. We are stepping out in faith in our life right now and waiting for God to bless us.

Stay encouraged.


poseygirl said...

You just never know where you will find validation of your convictions. I am new to this journey, and this post filled me to overflowing. Just what I needed, when I needed it. What an awesome God!

Blessings to you.