Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dance Weekend 2008...Whew, It's Done!

Well the dance extravaganza week is officially done. The culmination of 9 months of hard work & lots of running between home & the dance studio. Thursday was pictures, Friday was dress rehearsal for the Saturday shows, Saturday was dress rehearsal for the Sunday shows. We had shows at 3:00 & 6:00 on Saturday & 6:00 on Sunday. Thankfully we had two shows we got a breather from.

It was BEAUTIFUL! Over 200 kids were backstage at any given time. Delaney & Keaton did great (yes, my son is in dance). Delaney is in ballet & modern dance & Keaton took ballet & tap. He has decided for next year he wants to do jazz & big sis wants to stick with modern & ballet.

It was a little bittersweet though at times. Whenever the tiny girls (age 3) come out to dance, I can't help but remember when Delaney was the little girl out on stage in the frou frou dress. She was such a graceful & elegant young lady to watch this weekend - so beautiful. Keaton got lots of "oohs & ahs" during the ballet piece as he & his partner dance in the middle. He bowed to her & she curtsied to him & then they danced together. There was an audible "ahhh" from the crowd. Too sweet!

The shows were great, but I have to admit we are all ready for the 3 month reprieve. We can't wait for summer vacation & all of the unscheduledness that goes along with it!


The Gang's All Here! said...

Ooooh, her costume is so pretty!

Congratulations on the end. Now you can all take a breather and rest for, oh, I don't know. What - 12 seconds! :)

Seriously, enjoy the down time - sounds like you ALL earned it :)

Kathy said...

We had a six hour dress rehearsal yesterday, have four hour one Wed and then recital is Friday night.

At our studio, everyone under 13 has to take ballet along with other classes.

Annie said...

My older children were both involved in Irish Dance for years. Lydia was VERY good. We had so much fun at that; I really regret that it is over. :( I thought she'd end up being a teacher. Well, at least I can hope her own children dance, so I can go along as granny. I had all the Russians take Irish dance at some point, but it was not (sadly) a success.

Chapter Two Manmi said...

What a beautiful family portrait--now if we could just morph one more little one into photo! I love the pics of your kids home and your baby away. May you be all together soon!

Greg's Wife said...

You know I have thought this a few times now, but this post shows it clearly. Anchise actually looks like she has some Salzwedel in her! Look at Keaton's smile above, the way he holds his lips, and compare it with the last photo you posted of Anchise. And all 4 of your kids seem to have the same general face shape and similar features. Their cheeks and chins are especially alike.

Not that any of this matters or is all that important- I just think it's interesting and cool!

Salzwedel Family said...

Cara ~

It's funny that you say that. I have had several people see her picture up close & personal & say she actually has features of our other children. Her & Brezlan's noses are nearly identical when I hold their pictures side by side. You are right - it doesn't matter either way - but it is very cool.

I love reading the words "all 4 of your kids"...ah! Music to this mama's ears.


Ginny said...

Your kids are adorable in their outfits-and I think it's great you have your son in dance!

Katy said...

Your kids are so darn cute! It sounds exhausting for mom and dad, but I bet you were so proud!! Maybe sweet Anchise will be your next tiny dancer... =)