Monday, June 16, 2008

Please First

In case you haven't heard, Mr. B can be somewhat - dare I say - DEMANDING. He walks around barking orders of his likes & dislikes & needs. Not that we haven't attempted to put him on the path to politeness many times, it just doesn't always last.

This morning his first order of the day was "get me some juice". I let him know that he cannot bark orders at people & that if he wants something he needs to say please first & ask in a nice way. I told him he needed to ask again nicely. He subsequently said "please first can I have some juice". Hey, you've got to give him credit for doing what he was told.


Ginny said...

sounds familiar!

Katy said...

That is cute! =) I can also relate...Ethan tends to be quite challenging to teach manners doesn't help that he is usually with his mom, who doesn't enforce them...sigh! We have him in Bible school this week, so let's hope that he is listening, LOL!