Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Be Challenged...I Am!


Bill and Christina said...

This moved me. Not just in a global way but with my own children. They bicker and fight and I have gone to the Lord about this asking how do I make them understand what they are doing. God showed me through this video. I always tell my children that if they cannot obey me who you can see then how will you be able to obey God who you cannot see. I will start telling them if you cannot love and help your brothers and sisters whom you live with and see how are you ever going to be able to help your brothers and sisters whom you cannot see. This really opened my eyes to see some things. Thank you.

Katy said... eye-opener, for sure. It really makes me wonder how many people truly are willing to make sacrifices to follow God's plan.Thank you for sharing it.

Greg's Wife said...

This is such a big struggle for me. What to cut out, what to decrease in order that we can give to others in need... Often it seems like nothing! Yet obviously we are so blessed and have more than we need! I pray the Lord would help us all out with this one!

Salzwedel Family said...

This is a big struggle for us as well. I know I have been much more strategic in what I spend money on since we have been saving for the adoption. There have been a few things that we really have wanted to do, but chose not to because it wasn't good stewardship. I think the whole point (at least for me) is that spending should be thoughtful & although we can't save the world, we should all be doing SOMETHING. Pick a cause - whether orphans, clean water, feeding the hungry - and give to this cause routinely because even small amounts help.