Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trying to be a Ghana Mom

I've been feeling like a real poser. I'm a Ghana mom now. I should be connecting with other Ghana mom's. I should be learning about all the ins and outs of the Ghana process - soaking in every detail and learning about the Ghana O's.

The truth is that I still feel like a Haiti mom. I've got my Haiti keychain, Haiti bracelet, Haiti flag, and best of all my Haiti peeps. If someone wants to talk about third world countries I happily pipe up and talk about Haiti. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to learn about all the great things that different missions are doing in Haiti. I smile a little bigger when I read about the work being done at the Children of the Promise Formula Program, the Heartline Women's Program or the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center.

I. am. passionate. about. Haiti.

I wonder sometimes why God would put such love in my heart for this place and then send me to adopt elsewhere. I guess it's just one of those things I may never understand on this side of Heaven.


Kathy Eden said...

Reading your post reminds me of my friends Don & Teresa. They are adopting from Haiti but they adopted from China first. I don't think there's a "love connection" with China. They went there to bring their precious girl home & then that was it. When they started the adoption process with Haiti it was different. They fell in love with the people & the country. Don't feel guilty about your feelings...embrace them...and be open to whatever God wants you to do with them. {{{Hugs my friend!}}}

Laurel said...

Welcome to the Ghana Mom Club. We'll let you still love and support the people of Haiti. I, too, love the work of Heartline Women's Program, and Real Hope for Haiti. But, Ghana's got some wonderful people, too.

Have you joined the AdoptingFromGhana yahoo group, yet? That's a GREAT group of Ghana Moms. I hope you'll pop on over there, and introduce yourself.

Maybe after bringing Ghana child home, the Lord will lead you back to Haiti. Or, maybe not. We spent 6 weeks in Ghana, when we went to bring our 3 children home last spring. And, we fell in love with the people and the country. We would go back in a heartbeat ... but, right now, "13 is Enough" for this mama.

Laurel :)

Leslie said...

Hang in there--who knows what God may have planned for that love for Haiti! And you will love Ghana as your daughter's homeland, more and more.

Kathy said...

Your journey is not yet over. Who knows what exciting things may lie ahead.

blessedfamily said...

Ohh Steph, I am sooo right there with you. As I am considering Ghana also, my heart and thoughts still flow back to Haiti almost every day.

Greg's Wife said...

I love you, Stephanie. God gave you a heart for Haiti for a reason. Don't worry about it. I think it might be easier to connect with Haiti families simply because the process is such hell. You grow close like soldiers in war. You create "Band of Brothers" memories that last a lifetime.

But just as there's always room in a mother's heart for another child, there is room in your heart to love another country, another set of adoptive families, etc. And you don't have to force-cultivate it. God has planted a Ghana seed. He will cause it to spring up and grow naturally. You're doing great just being who you are and loving the people and places you love today!

Michelle said...

He just might not be finished with Haiti yet. You never know.

Tree by the Sea Farms said...

oh ...I think it is ok to still love Haiti. I think that place is very hard to get out of your head and even harder to get out of your heart. I am with you in the wondering....I met a sweet little baby when I was in Haiti in January....and since I believe everything happens for a reason...I can't seem to figure out WHY. I don't really want to adopt again right now....I don't think anyway....and the money issue...well that makes it very hard. We already have tramendous debt from the last i am left wondering...why? Why did I met Pascale...why did she grab onto my heart...WHY! I may never know...................

take care,


Amanda said...

I just want to say that I'm thankful you still feel a connection with Haiti, girl! And I second the idea that God may not be through with your heart for Haiti! I'm sure you will love Ghana in a very special way, since it's Ms. M's homeland!

This reminds me of a quote:

Make new friends, but keep the old,
Some are silver, the others are gold.


Sean and Lisa said...

Sweet Stephanie, God put that love there for a reason and I have no doubts it will come full circle, someway, somehow in His time. It's so hard trying to figure out His purposes in the pain but there is one even when we don't see it. Praying for your family as you continue your adoption journey to your sweet little girl and like so many other readers of your blog we continue to lift precious Anchise up in prayer.

Katy said...

God wanted your heart in Haiti for a reason....and I pray you will one day know why. Until then, I am so grateful you are praying for Haiti and all the waiting children, and that we connected as friends. I know this blessing was all God!