Monday, March 30, 2009

"Jesus" Fixed My Van at the Grocery Store

I guess I asked for it...yesterday I was being smart while talking with our friend Mark about how our van was on it's last leg and we expected it to depart this world any time now. Truth is, we are praying it lasts until fall, but we haven't been so sure that would happen. It's 13 years old and has 140,000+ miles on it which doesn't give it the best odds, but I'm not really hoping to add a car payment back into my repertoire until after the adoption is done.

Anywho...after I picked the kids up from school we ran to the grocery to get fixins' for soup. You see my dear husband called this afternoon and begged me to make soup for him for supper tonight. Being the kind and obedient wife that I am, I rushed right out to oblige his request (wink, wink).

After getting the soup stuff and a few other things I proceeded to be checked out by a lady obviously preparing for the "Worlds Fastest Checker Outer" competition. Man, she flew. She whipped those yogurt containers over that scanner like she was throwing a fast pitch at the World Series.

I walked out to the parking lot with three children in tow, loaded my groceries, put the key in the ignition and turned it over only to hear nothing.

Dead. silence.


I called my soup lovin' hubby and told him of my predicament and he promptly came to my rescue. As you can imagine getting my battery jumped by a large orange potato chip delivery truck drew a wee bit of attention to the situation. No dice though, because the old van still would not turn over.

We were approached by a gentleman who shook soup boys hand, acted all chummy with him and offered to help. For the life of me I could not place this person and yet he had an air of familiarity about him. They figured out the connections on the battery were too corroded and after a short time the old girl fired up again. In the middle of it all Jeff said, "you know who that is don't you?" to which I replied, "no". He told me that it was his friend Ron from the play and that's when the lightbulb went on.

Every year Jeff is in a production of "The Last Supper" where he plays Thaddeus. The reason I didn't recognize the man helping us is because I had never seen him without his long brown hair, beard, white robe and sandles. I was grateful that "Jesus" showed up just in time to help!


Kathy Eden said...

That's awesome...about the help...not so much your old van not starting :o) Thank you Jesus! And the duede that looks like Jesus!

Michelle said...

Love this post!

Kristina said...


What a great story!

Thank you Jesus

stephanie garcia said...

I agree, what a great story!

Laurel said...

Cute story!

At only 140,000 that good old van should have lots of miles left in it. When our van was at 175,000, we took an 8,000+ mile cross country trip, with no problems.

We had so much fun on the trip, that we sold the old van, bought a much newer van, took another 8,000 cross country roadtrip ... and had a van fire 4,000 miles from home. NOT fun!

Hope you can keep asking Jesus to keep you on the road.


Laurel :)
mama of 13

Tracy said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!


Amanda said...

Hee hee! I don't know what has me chuckling more...that you didn't recognize "Jesus" or that you referred to your hubby as SOUP BOY.


oostrumoo said...

Great story. Ours is pushin 285,000. She's a faithful ol girl. We're trying to hold out on getting another until after we buy a home. Ah the joys of the faithful clunker! :) Julie Jensen

Lena Wright said...

You are too funny. What a great story-Jesus shows up just when we need him, eh? :-)

Leslie said...

Too funny! Yay!

Tracy said...

That is such a cool story and you told it sooo well!! Hope the soup was yummy! Did you invite Jesus over for supper? :)

The Gang's Momma said...

LOVE it! What a great story. and yes, Jesus was there fixin' your van. How cool is that?!

So, who will you be Jesus to today? Gotta "pay it forward," right?

Brandy and Troy said...

Thanks for the smile. And thank you "Jesus" for fixing the van.

We had a Jesus incident the other day. My friend's husband wanted to buy a golf bag that our other friend is selling. However, he is currently unemployed so his wife told him that he could only have it if God provided. During our Easter play practice "Jesus" walked up to her and told her, "my daughter, you are to buy your husband that golf bag." She laughed and told her husband nice try! Those silly guys!

Greg's Wife said...

Man, that story rules! Sounds like we both had unusual encounters with Jesus while shopping yesterday!

Praise God you guys got going okay again. I pray that van makes it a lot longer! Car payments stink!

missydarr70 said...

That is an AWESOME story. Had to make you smile....