Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Random/Quirky Things About Me

OK, first I was tagged by the lovely & talented Mrs. Green and now I've been tagged by the fabulous Leslie, so I guess I need to do my part. Here goes:
  1. In high school I LOVED Duran Duran. I don't mean just a little bit, I LOVED them! My room was wall-to-wall DD posters. John Taylor was my absolute favorite and I dreamed of the day we would get married. Ha! That is so lame.
  2. We are a musical family - I play flute, Jeff plays drums, Delaney plays flute & cello. I secretly long to play guitar & piano. Some day...
  3. I enjoy gourmet cooking for dinner guests, but I don't do it very often because the best & freshest ingredients are often too rich for my budget. I love trying new recipes all the time - gourmet or not.
  4. One of my favorite non-gourmet meals is a good old-fashioned hillbilly dinner - fried potatoes, pinto beans with raw onion cut up in it, cornbread, homemade applesauce & sweet tea. Yummy! I was born in West Virginia & request this meal every year on my birthday from my mom.
  5. My faith in the Lord has grown tremendously in the past five years. I've always been a believer, but unfortunately much of my life has been spent being a "casual Christian" - it was good to have God for emergencies & such, but I didn't think about Him on a regular basis. I strive each day to include God in my whole day, my whole life. I fail frequently, but His mercies are new every morning. The adoption has grown my faith in ways I could have never imagined. God is good!
  6. My favorite movies are pre-20th century period pieces. I recently watched Becoming Jane and loved it. Pride & Prejudice is coming via Netflix this week & I can't wait.
  7. If I could go back in time & change one thing it would be to never get any cats. We have three cats who are 16 years old and I'm sorry to say they have worn out their welcome. Animal lovers please don't hate me (sorry Cara).

So there are some completely random things about me. I tag Katy, Michelle, Lena, Tracy, & anyone else who wants to participate.

UPDATE: I officially tag Kristina even though she thinks my head is filled with cheese and that I have forgotten her since I've been home, even though it's not true & she knows I love her very much!


Amanda said...

PRIDE & of my favorite movies of allll time :~) I could watch it over and over again. And do. :~)

Lena said...

I'll work on it!

I'm with you on #1, except, EVERYONE knows that Simon was 'the bomb' John was okay, but really, Simon was the One!

And I'm right there with you on #5. I grew up in church, but it was more facts and ritual. But in recent years-my faith, God, has become so real to me. I can hardly wait to see what else God has in store-He is so great!

Salzwedel Family said...

Oh Lena - I'm so disappointed you were blinded by Simon's lead singer status. He didn't even catch my eye as I was taken by John's flowing hair & chiseled features. He he.

Greg's Wife said...

#4 sounds delicious. Since I'm from Alabama I have a similar dinner I like to make- fried green tomatoes & fried okra with a side of peppery cheese grits. Silver queen corn cut off the cob and sauteed in butter is also a nice accompaniment when in season. I call this dinner "the Rebel plate." Hillbilly dinner sounds a lot more fun!

I really enjoyed Duran Duran, but I was much too in love with Robert Smith of the Cure to give them a real chance. I actually saw the Cure and Duran Duran play a "reunion" of sorts, in 1999 I think, in Chicago. Speaking of 1999, remember when the year 2000 seemed light years away in the future?

I will just forget I ever read #7 and go on loving you as usual.

Kristina said...


You didn't tag me. I guess now that we are home you can forget about me?


I always knew you were wierd and your head filled with cheese! :o

Kathy Eden said...

I admit that I use to sing & dance to Duran Duran in high school or was it Jr High...can't's been too long :o)

How about we trade cats? You can have my 3 & I'll take your 3 to mix things up a bit :o)

Katy said...

I am not very quirky, but I will give it a try later this week when I've had time to think, and become more quirky. =)

Eric and Michelle said...

I fulfilled my tag duties a couple of days ago. I think your responses were more interesting...Duran Duran(grin)

Ginny said...

I played flute in middle school. My kids are always begging me to get it out and play, but I can hardly remember more than a few scales. I don't think I can even read music anymore.
I am from Alabama-which doesn't really have anything to do with my favorite southern dinner b/c my mom really didn't cook when I was a kid. Anyway, my favorite is collard greens and blackeyed peas with cornbread of course.