Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ouchies, Pokies & Doctors...Oh My

We were off to the doctor's office today...hooray! D & K were due for checkups for some of our home study paperwork. All three kiddo's had to get shots today also. The boys each had 1 and D had 3...poor D. Guess who was the most calm, cool, & collected? D, of course - proving once again that girls are made of strong stuff! K literally had to be drug into the room for his. He grabbed the door frame & held on for dear life. What made it difficult was the fact that he is one super solid almost 7 year old (he is in the 95th percentile for both height & weight). B didn't really know what was coming, but screamed ouchie, ouchie and calmed easily. So the most brave shot taker award goes to D who sat calmly and didn't even flinch. We all celebrated having the shots done by eating chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Somehow ice cream just makes everything better (even in 35 degrees below zero weather with the wind chill).

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