Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bodily Noises & Other Topics of Interest

After my little Mr. B came out of his room this morning I took him to the potty right away. We're working on training so I try to get him there ASAP. So he sits down on the potty and passes a little gas. He starts laughing at himself and proudly exclaims, "I'm burping". I tried to explain to him that he was "tooting" and not burping. He sat there smiling and continued to announce he was "burping". What a kid! He also played back seat driver this morning telling me to "slow down mama". Geez...cut me some slack kid!

On a more serious note...

I heard a great message this morning on Focus on the Family called "Adoption: Families Stepping Out in Faith". Please take the time to listen to this wonderful message about adoption, our responsibility to care for orphans & how He provides for His people. Warning: have your Kleenex ready!

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livingpurereligion said...

Now that is 2 things that we have in common... potty training and adoption! Hmm... we've got our hands pretty full, eh?

Happy to be on this journey with you.

Love, Cara