Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ode To My Husband

Some could say I have the perfect man - he not only sells snack foods, but he is also a massage therapist. I guess he can bring me a bag of chips and rub my back at the same time. Now that's talent!

The list of great things about this man does not end there. He loves God, he loves his kids, and every day he shows me how much he loves me. He is truly my best friend who loves and supports me and makes me laugh all the time. Most days we are just a bunch of goofballs.

It never ceases to amaze me the things that he manages to get involved in. He came home today with a cappuccino machine from the gas station. This thing is HUGE! It's not exactly something I want sitting on the kitchen counter. He "happened" to come in to pay for his gas when the attendant mentioned they were discontinuing this particular cappuccino and they wondered if anyone would want the machine. Well, of course he could not resist taking said item - after all it was free and wouldn't it be a great tragedy if they just threw it out! So they help him carry it out to the "chip truck" along with a case of the powders & flavorings. He did let me know that "all we need" to get it going is a water line.

Gotta love him...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom! I think its talent too. I love getting Daddy's massages and having a bag of chips at my other side. Haha!!!!


Laurie said...

Hmmm massages & snack foods. This man sounds perfect. Does he have an older brother? :)