Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now You See It...Now You Don't

I was feeling particularly defeated today after learning the passport that Edward laid eyes on last week has mysteriously disappeared. Gone.

Quite honestly, if I hadn't met Mercy in person or didn't know other families that have brought their children home through our agency I would most certainly think we were being scammed.

I spent a lot of time this afternoon re-reading a devotional I received from Shaohannah's Hope. My heart is ministered to each and every time I read the words included in this small booklet. It confirms and re-confirms my desire to press on, even when I feel too tired to do so. It's not about me or what I have to go through, it's about offering hope and family to a precious girl who needs it.

The adoption journey is not easy, but every hour of toil, every obstacle encountered, every tear shed, every sleepless night - all are but a shadow of the price that God paid for us. Jesus came to be a ransom for many, and if God was willing to pay that ransom for us, how much more will He be willing to lead us in ransoming His beloved children from their state as orphans? And it is His love that compels us onward in obedience, whatever the cost, for He who calls us is faithful.


Greg's Wife said...

Big, BIG hugs. It sounds silly, but I gotta be honest... My first thought when I read this was, "Atta girl!!!!" This is for HIM, for Mercy, AND for you (& the rest of your family.) And He truly does have the whole world in His hands. Even the &#^#&%$!_#@ passport dept in Ghana. Praying for you tonight, dear one.

Sean and Lisa said...

I can understand how big your doubts and fears must be after all this razz and for that I am so sorry.

Just imagine the adoption testimony you will have to share to encourage others stuck in the log jam of "process" and also the beautiful image of intense, determined, never giving up love that Mercy will know after hearing her "story". Truly, adoptions cost us deeply...emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually but the sum total is sooooo worth it!!

Continuing to pray Mercy home.
Much love!

Lena Wright said...


JacciM said...

Oh, Stephanie - I am so sorry. What in the world can I possibly say? I'm thinking of a children's hymn, This Is My Father's World. "And though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet". I know the human part of all of this is frustrating and wearying, but the GOD part is totally in His loving Hands and sovereign control. He is both all powerful and LOVING. I'll pray for you - that the Lord would give you such sweet assurance of that.


JacciM said...

Did that make sense? Of course, it's ALL the "God part" - I just meant the inexplicable relationship of man's responsibility and God's sovereignty. He rules all of it - even the ridiculous actions of those handling Mercy's passport.

stephanie garcia said...

Thinking of you today, Stephanie.

Michelle said...

I am glad the Father is speaking to you my friend through all of this? I love ya!

A. Gillispie said...

I so love your heart Stephanie. I know you know that this is worth it in the end and will endure this incredible pain for your daughter. I continue to pray feverntly for BREAKTHROUGH.

Connie said...

Thank you for this devotional. I was touched by it.

Me. Us. She. said...

I'm so sorry this whole process and journey has been so incredibly and ridiculously hard. I can't wait to rejoice with you someday.