Thursday, January 15, 2009

Awwww Shucks...

I have been honored by the lovely Laura with my first ever blog award. Dare I say I'm blushing?

As I accept this "fabulous" award I am also instructed to pass it out to five other blogs I love and also list five things I am addicted to.

We'll start with the five fabulous blogs in no particular order (it was hard to narrow this down to five - if you are in my blog list, please also consider yourself dubbed in the fabulous category):
Help me pray her boys home!
Praying for sleep & health for the whole gang!
Praising God that her girls are home!
Let's pray sweet Joshua out of IBESR!

Waiting for Mercy
Praying for God's perfect plan to be revealed!

Here are the five things I am addicted to (I was pleasantly surprised that Laura and I had a nearly identical list):
  1. Diet Pepsi - LOVE this stuff. I limit my intake to two cans a day, but I could easily have a few more.
  2. Blogging/Facebook - I love my online peeps!
  3. My Family - God has blessed me with an amazing family that I love to spend every possible moment with.
  4. Sharing About Adoption/Haiti/Faith - I love talking with people about these subjects. I get really excited to share with them about the amazing things God has done in our lives since we took this leap of faith. Praise the Lord!
  5. Photography - I love taking pictures and capturing moments in time. I'm hoping to take my skills to a new level and learn more about this subject.
Thanks again Laura. I think your blog is fabulous too!


Amanda said...

**blushing** how sweet! ;~)

I really dig your blog, too! I just love running across every day people, daring to do crazy exciting things for the glory of God!

Michelle said...

I agree your blog is fabulous! Because you are fabulous :) Congrats my friend!

Kathy Eden said...

A fabulous blog by a fabulous person!!! {{{ Hugs }}}
Good for you on limiting the Diet not such much on the limiting it...I would take it IV if I could :o)

Lena Wright said...


The Gang's Momma said...

Thank you dear. I humbly accept this award. Thank you to the academy. Thank you to my husband, my inspiration, my rock. Thank you to my gang, for giving me lots of material. Thanks to my readers, who come back, if for no other reason to get a giggle out of the weird things that go through my head.

They like me, They like me. They really like me!