Saturday, March 15, 2008

There are No Accidents with God

God has really revealed himself to us recently. And while some would call it coincidence, luck, or chance - I firmly believe the people we have been put in contact with through this adoption have been put in our path by the hand of God. Each of His children hand selected with loving care to encourage us, inform us, share experiences & help us along the way.

Sara ~ Judy ~ Katy ~ Cara G. ~ Dominique
Kristie ~ Cara B. ~ Angela ~ Jennifer
Jane ~ Shawn & Katie

The is just a small sampling of a list that goes on & on. Thank you God for the people you have put in our path!

We were blessed last week to be contacted by Jane who has graciously agreed to host a Stampin' Up/Uppercase Living open house extravaganza for us! I think this could turn out to be a great fundraiser and is a work in progress. I'll post more as plans are finalized...

Also, we just returned today from completing our adoption education in Madison. The classes were given by our home study provider, Judy (who is wonderful by the way). It was very informative & we had some great discussion. We were blessed to be introduced to Shawn & Katie who have done several mission trips to Haiti & are now adopting a son. They gave us a beautiful Haitian sculpture of a mother & child from one of their trips. We really enjoyed our time with them & Judy.

Please continue to pray that we will soon have the funds to pay our $4,000 agency fee. We want so badly to begin work on our dossier so we can receive a referral. We continue to move forward in FAITH, believing in God's provision. Praise God for His faithfulness, even when we are not.


Greg's Wife said...

Still praying for His provision. Thank you for an honorable mention. The people we've met on this journey are definitely wonderful! It makes the whole, difficult process easier to bear.

Katy said...

Of course I continue to pray, Stephanie. I am so glad that you have gotten so much encouragement from everyone, and you have also been such an encouragement to me on my journey, both as I celebrate it and struggle with faith. I am hoping that your fundraiser is a HUGE success!

livingpurereligion said...

I am so glad to have found you on this journey. There are very few people that can understand what we are going through right now, and it has been so helpful to have wonderful new friends to help encourage and support me along the way!

Please know that I am praying for you and cheering you on through this process.

We are in this together!

The Tall Frys & Small Frys said...

I am honored to be any kind of encouragement to you through this long, hard journey. God put several cyber/new friends in my life as I navigated our adoption, and it is just amazing how they all lifted me. I'm encouraged by your faith and perserverence. God bless!

Angela said...

You are an amazing woman. I am so glad we met. You have been so encouraging and I appreciate your prayers. This is a long hard process and you are right, God gave us each other and I am so glad that you are my sister in Christ. We may never physically meet this side of heaven but I know one day we will be rejoicing together before the throne of our Lord. I will be praying for you during this journey and that God would bless you with the strength and resources you need at just the right time...His time!!! He is faithful. Standing beside you and praying you through. :)