Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Fun Before the Fall

We had a great day yesterday celebrating the marriage of Q & M. My darling hubby looked so handsome (dare I say sexy) in his tuxedo! When he was standing at the front of the church I couldn't help but think about the day we were married. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful closeness with my best friend in this day of disposable marriages.

We all had lots of fun dancing the night away. D, K & B boogied down with their many cousins all night long. B crashed around 10, although I don't know how with the music blaring. The reception was held at our local Holiday Inn, which seemed to be a great place (key word "seemed").

It was a little after 11 and we decided it was time to head out. So after the many "aw, do we have to's" we managed to get our little people out the door. There was an older couple walking out the exit in front of us only to find the entire sidewalk to be thick ice. The couple navigated their way down the sidewalk and then offered us a hand, helping us one by one off the last step down. J was carrying a sleeping B and sure enough on the last step his feet went right out from underneath him. He landed flat on his back & B went flying face first into a snow bank (talk about a rude awakening). J was clearly sore & B had multiple tiny lacerations on his face from hitting the hard snow. After everyone was determined to be somewhat OK, we headed to the lobby so inform them of the treacherous sidewalk & injuries.

The girl at the desk said, "Oh, I'll go salt that" and walked away. She did not ask if we were OK, she turned & was gone. We stood there a little taken aback & another person appeared. I asked if there was an incident report we could fill out (assuming this would be required if someone was injured on their property) and she informed me she was new so she didn't know about that. OK, now I was getting irritated. I informed her that although she was new, it didn't mean she didn't need to know what to do in this circumstance so maybe now would be a good time for her to learn. She managed to wrangle up a form for me to complete only after I started reading it, it became clear to me that she was the one who was supposed to be filling it out. I asked for a copy of the form & took the general managers business card. Not one time did either person working ask if we were OK or offer an apology for having exit areas that were completely unattended to. Apparently they haven't taken a class in good customer service recently!

Needless to say J is quite sore today. B has survived, but both times we went outside today he says "no slipping" as soon as we get in the doorway. It was a great day, but certainly had an unexpected & unfortunate ending.


Katy said...

Oh, no! I hope they are feeling better today! It so sounds like something i would do, in fact I have fallen twice on the ice this winter already, with a few scrapes of my own. Luckily I wasn't carrying a small child, though. Can you believe some people's lack of compassion and concern? I hope you get a free hotel stay or something from the manager! I'm glad it was a fun night at least until then!

Greg's Wife said...

Sorry for the ice misfortune! People are not very compassionate in this day and age. I just thank God for the ones who are and pray for the rest! ;)