Monday, February 25, 2008

Psychiatric Aggravation - Er, I Mean Evaluation

Arrogant: (adjective) having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride.

You know the conversation is not going to end well when the psychologist starts out by saying that he feels the need to inform you that he is "suspicious of private agencies placing children from foreign countries". This tidbit was followed up by "adoption agencies place children with no idea as to what child is good for what family and then he is left to pick up the pieces". Excuse me, but isn't that what psychologists do? I'm certain that helping people pick up their pieces is what earns him that fat paycheck.

I was then informed he would not perform a one visit evaluation, but would need multiple visits and multiple psychiatric screenings and multiple $$$$$$.

Oh brother! I contemplated telling him all we really needed was someone to verify that we weren't psychotic serial killers, but I refrained. I think God was holding my tongue. Thanks Big Guy!


Katy said...

Hi Stephanie...Um, welcome to the nightmare of the psych. evaluation for international adoption. The good news? There ARE psychologists out there willing to confirm that you aren't psychotic serial killers without multiple visits and tons of $. I admit that it took me a few months to find that person, but I ended up at long last, and after some tears and extreme frustration, finding a Christian guy who did it in an hour with a $20 copay. That's right, it is possible but challenging to get your insurance to pay! Another thought? Try a school psychologist, but make sure they have the correct licensure. (I had someone who actually did mine for free, then informed me that it wasn't valid because she didn't have the license..) Do you see where the nightmare came in? In any case, I feel your pain. I can't believe how rude that guy was. Please tell me you didn't use him!! I have total confidence in CCI and Sara! I did my homework! Good luck-hope this helps!

Salzwedel Family said...

No, we are NOT using this man for our evaluation. I cannot see it being a good fit - although the entertainment value might be high. I think he works nights for Unicef...ha!

If you can find someone reasonable, I can too!

The Tall Frys & Small Frys said...

Hmmmmm...that sounds weird to me. We found a properly-licensed psychologist who knew husband and his family while my dh was growing up. We each met with him for a couple of hours and that was that. I had no idea how good we had it. I hope you find someone better!

Mrs. Greg Green said...

Ours was a pain, too. We had a LOT of trouble just getting an appointment. Everyone was "afraid" to write our letter without a hugely in-depth evaluation. But the Lord will direct you to someone better, I'm sure. I'll be praying for you!