Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Praying for Haiti

I am asking you all to be in prayer for all of the families currently trying to adopt from Haiti. A lot is going on in this country. Satan seems to have a strong hold over the people in power of the adoption process there.

Many families have gotten a lot of bad news over the last few days. Families that have biological children have been told their files will not be signed out without special dispensation from President Preval or have been told they will never be signed out. These families have been waiting for months believing they were making progress only to be told they have not moved at all. The legislation currently being proposed in Haiti could be detrimental to a lot of adoptive families & children.

Please be in fervent prayer for the children of Haiti. Pray that files will be released. Pray that the wicked & corrupt will be removed from power. Pray that President Preval will sign off to allow all of the couples with biological children to complete their adoptions. Pray that all of these road blocks will be removed and that our God will be glorified in the process!


Michelle said...

Thank you! We do indeed need to be praying!

Katy said...

Amen! We need to surround this country and the whole adoption process in prayer...! Praying here..Katy

livingpurereligion said...

PRAYING! Ever since we set out on this Haitian adoption journey, we have encountered one obstacle or another. Satan is working overtime to keep these children from coming home. He doesn't want these kids to be rescued. He loves death, destruction and hopelessness. The last thing he wants to see is new life, new hope, and new purpose for these abandoned children. God is bigger, greater, and more powerful then any scheme of Satan. As we join together in prayer, there will be very little that Satan can do to keep these kids from coming home.