Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet Edward

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to Edward. He is our facilitator in Ghana. He's the guy that picks me up at the airport (did you know his car runs on prayer?), carts me around to all my appointments while in Ghana, taught me how to exchange dollars for cedis, showed me how vodaphone worked, and gave me kudos for not making him spend hours at the market. He taught me how to negotiate with the vendors and got a few good laughs when I was willing to walk away from a purchase and got chased down in the parking lot! He's also good meal time company with his stories of Ghana.

Edward is the dude on the ground who makes it all happen for us in regards to Mercy's paperwork. Could you please take a moment to pray for him? He is a really good man and I am praying that he would find favor wherever he goes this next week...say to places like the passport office & the embassy.

You see, on Wednesday I received a most delightful e-mail from the U.S. Embassy in Accra stating they had received all of our paperwork and that our in country representative could pick up the visa appointment package to proceed with our case. Well, that is a LOVELY thought, but it can't happen without that passport.

Passport + Visa Appointment = Home


Laurie said...

Yeahhhh! She's going to be home soon. Excited for you :)

We are Grateful!!! said...

Oh...can it be happening? Yes...please God make it happen. Make it go smoothly. Bless this dear family.
Praying for you!

livingpurereligion said...

Praying for Edward... for his HEALTH and favor in the eyes of everyone he deals with!

Praying for you.. for your sanity as you wait and the strength to endure.

And praying for our sweet Mercy... as she waits and wonders when her day will come! Hold on, baby girl! You're coming home soon!

Bill and Christina said...

Can't wait until she is in your arms!

Hadassah said...

I will pray that all goes well for Edward - and for you!

I found your blog while hopping from one to another.


God's Grace said...

Lord Jesus, I'm praying for Edward, that he will have the motivation and unction to do just as stephanie desires in her heart. That the passport will be in hand as I type this and visa firmly affixed in it's place and Mercy's release into her mothers arms. Yes, Lord, I pray that you give Edward Holy Spirit energy to do all that he is supposed to do and that you will bless his life abundantly! In Jesus Name!

Laurel said...

Edward is GREAT!

Even though we didn't adopt through AAI, I got his name and hired him as our "travel agent" for the 6 weeks we spent in Accra when we went to file our I600 and bring home our children.

Edward was even our driver when we went to Cape Coast for 3 days. Yes, he has stories to tell.

Then, last May, a year after I'd been there to bring my children home, I returned to Ghana to help a friend bring home her 3 children. While at the embassy one day, we bumped in to dear Edward. When I said hello, I asked, "Do you remember me?" He looked at me and said, "Anita?" "No ... Laurel." But, Anita and I are similar in size, with similar hair color, so his mistake was understandable.

Great man! Please tell Edward that Laurel says, "hello". He'll remember by husband, Jim, and our 3 children Jacob, Sarah, and Rachel.

mama of 13