Monday, May 10, 2010


Believe it or not, we had snow Friday night. Huge flakes falling from the sky in MAY! It was fun to see Mercy experience her first (of many) snowfalls. Let's hope the next one doesn't come until November or so.


Lena Wright said...

love that giggle!!

Eve said...

That's so funny compared to your last post, when the weather was dry and bright! :D Great vid!

Sydney said...

Love, love, love her joy and her sweet voice! So thankful you are holding her close to you now. I'm waiting my turn, but I did get new pics today. They made my heart melt!

Kristie O'Leary (from my daughter's acct.)

PS. Thanks so much for putting our shirts on your blog! You are so sweet! And Happy Mother's DAy to you with all your children at home!!!

Kristie, the Chapter Two Manmi said...

How of many firsts to catch on video. Now that we have so seemingly few noticeable firsts anymore, that makes me miss them. The wonder and helped me to overcome some loss at having missed those early years while waiting and waiting.Thanks for sharing.
'Pray for you...big adjustments in those early months. Love,

Bloggin' Robin said...

too funny. I've been blog hoppin' tonight, reading about amazing women walking the adoption road, when I came across your blog. Inoticed the linkin the corner for the t-shirts and thought, OH! I want to check this out b/c we just recently designed adoption t-shirts with some friends who are also adopting. I nearly fell over when the link took me to Kristie's blog to see the shirts we created! Seriously! Thanks for posting the link and I LOVED your blog - I'll be back! Thanks a million! - Robin (friend of Kristie O'Leary!)

Michelle said...

That is just precious!!!!!!!!