Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What We Were Expecting

We were expecting that adopting from Ghana was a crazy idea because most of the money was due up front...God knew differently.

We were expecting that maybe, just maybe, several months from now we would have enough to pay the first fee of $4,200...God knew differently.

We were expecting that we would have to use a big chunk of our tax refund to complete the first fee...God knew differently.

To date we have paid almost $8,000 in expenses. We now also have almost $5,000 available to pay the next fee of $6,000. That leaves only $1,000 plus travel expenses (which we think will be around $5,000).

Once again I am blown away by God. Blown away that a bank account that said $0 has turned into this. If we had waited until we had the money to adopt we honestly probably would have never started. We stepped out in faith, and this faith has taken us to amazing places. To God be the glory!
God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.
Ephesians 3:20-21 (The Message)


The Gang's Momma said...

What awesome news! So happy for your family. God always provides, not on our understanding or on our time-table. But he always does. And all this just means that little Mercy is coming home! ;)

angela said...

oh how mighty is our great God! praise Him!

Lisa said...

That is great...God is so good and no one should ever doubt him or his power....Congrats,I can't wait for you got get your little girl..

Michelle said...

That is such an amazing boost to your faith I am sure! She will be home before you know it.

Jodie said...

Our God is great!!

Kathy Eden said...

Isn't God wonderful??? That is so awesome! He did it for us & I knew he would do it for you too!

Greg's Wife said...

This is SO true! God is GREAT! Anyone reading this who is holding off on adopting because of the expense should really consider this. God will bring it if you step out of the boat! I've seen it over and over again!

Momto14 said...

AWesome. :)

Terry said...

What a blessing to hear that God is working! But He is Always working, isn't He :)

Laurel said...

Praise the Lord!

We stepped into our adoption journey with total faith that GOD would know how to pay for it, because we had NO idea.

God dropped an anonymous $15,000 check into our laps (actually into our church's lap, to distribute to us). Then, He showed us how to earn/save an extra $10,000 before travel time.

No ... don't wait ... to start an adoption until you "have all the money". If you do, it may all be gone by the time you need it (car repairs, appliances, etc....). Step out ... in FAITH ... trust GOD ... and bring those little ones home!

(Oops! Sorry for the soapbox message.)


mama of 13

poseygirl said...

Thank you Stephanie, for a couple of things. First for the gentle nudge to get back to my blog world. I can at least try to catch up with everyone a little. Second, for this wonderful post, as I do just that. I am encouraged. We still need so much to complete our adoption. As you know we stepped out on faith as well. I already believed, but I can always use a reminder from God that it will come.

So excited for you and all that is happening in your family!!