Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Post of the Random Variety

First off, I have to say Happy Birthday Mom! Isn't she cute!

Second, I am excited to say I have a DHS appointment! Looks like on September 29th I will be venturing out to file our I-600 and turn in our orphan first paperwork. The whole thing feels very official & exciting!

On a final note, I can't believe I registered my baby girl for middle school last night. It is certainly an exciting and scary time of growth for us all. It was strange being with her practicing a locker combination & walking through her schedule to all of the rooms. Can she handle it? Yes, with God's grace. Can I handle it? Yes, with God's grace.

Train up a child in the way he should go,

even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6


Tracy said...

My mom's birthday was yesterday! I can really see a resemblance between you mom and Delaney.

You and Delaney will do fine with middle school. You have trained and prepared her well. Now it is time to step out in faith and trust that all of that training will be remembered. My daughter really liked the change from elementary to middle school. How big is your middle school?

I just have to say that I absolutely love looking at all your photos of all of your children. Each one is beautiful (or handsome in the case of the boys). You can tell by looking at their pictures that you are an incredible mom!!

Greg's Wife said...

Praying all goes well with your DHS appointment! Bring SEVERAL extra copies of your I-600, G-28 & Orphan First. Seriously. The embassy lost some of mine and I was would have been totally out of luck if I hadn't brought extras.

You guys sure have a strong family resemblance! Adorable! She'll be great in school. Don't worry, Stephanie. And happy birthday to your mom!

Katy said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!! Yep, I can tell you are related! =) CONGRATS on your DHS appt.!! God is so awesome!! Don't worry about D..she will do fantastic in middle school, I can just tell from "knowing" her from your blog. Yes, middle school can be a rocky time for kids and parents both(because of social challenges), but she is a strong, smart, beautiful girl with a wonderful passion for life!
P.S. Thank you for admiring my angel and for your continued prayers. You are such a blessing.

stephanie garcia said...

Can you tell me about the Orphan First? We have the papers but haven't talked to anyone who has personally done this. I sent you an e-mail, btw!

Lena Wright said...

Congrats-how exciting to be taking another step in this journey.

I emailed you-not sure if it went thru or not, can you let me know if you got it? Thanks!

Kristina said...

You and Todd have appointments the same day.
DHS if fun. :o