Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the Moral of the Story is: Don't Hide Your Alligator Under Your Nuts

I had a great day in Madison today spending time with the Burnett family! I had the pleasure of going to Haiti with them last September and we became instant friends.

We met at Olbrich Gardens and had a great time visiting and looking at the displays. We left for lunch and then came back to let the kids play a bit and say our goodbyes. It was a very mild mannered day and there were no obnoxious laughing outbursts by any of us (insert sarcasm here).

As we were leaving for lunch Mr. B got concerned because he couldn't find the little glass alligator I had bought him (for a mere 35 cents). I told him it wasn't a big deal and a couple of the kids offered to go back in and get him a new one. As we were waiting, Kristina noticed a shimmer of the green glass in his hand along with a few acorns he was holding. She told him the alligator was in his hand and he loudly exclaimed, "my alligator was hiding under my nuts"! We had several chuckles about that one.

Todd just about gave me a heart attack on the drive back to the gardens. Kristina and I rode together with Mr. B and Jessica while Todd took the rest of the kids. I had mentioned earlier that I wasn't sure if one of my turn signals was working and while we were waiting at a stop light Todd got out of their van and ran up to my open window proclaiming that both of my turn signals were working. I thought for sure we were getting car jacked...what a guy!

It was such an uplifting day to be surrounded by wonderful friends. A true blessing indeed!


Tammie said...

It looks like you had a great time - Praise the Lord for friends!

crispy said...

Again, what nice pictures. It sure looks like a good time. It also looks like your kids are going to pass you up in height soon. I know the feeling.

Greg's Wife said...

What a great time and a much-needed diversion! Hope your spirit's been renewed a bit. We have lots of gators in FL. Next time one goes missing I'll start looking under nuts 'til we find him.

Kathy Eden said...

Looks & sounds like you all had a wonderful time! You...and...they are precious people!

Sean and Lisa said...

Ok gotta say that title sure caught my attention. LOL! So cute, that little Mr. B. :)
Sounds like a happy day. Just think next year you can do this day again and you will have your precious daughter there to join in the laughter and fun!
Praying all the pieces to QUICKLY fall in place and her to be in your arms SOON!!

Brandy and Troy said...

We sure love those Burnett's. They are awesome. I am glad that you had a wonderful day!!!

whenpigsfly said...

LOVED your title!!!!!!!!! I had to scroll dow n REAL FAST to get to the bottom of that, and then go back and read for real. CUTE.
What a fun day it looks like y'all had!!!

Kristina said...

It was the BEST!!!!!

I really needed to laugh and what a time we had laughing! You are such a sweet salve to my spirit friend! I praise God that we met in haiti!

Thank you for being my friend and driving down to meet up with us for a few short hours.

Love Ya!