Monday, April 14, 2008

A Couple of Good Things...

Thanks to all of the prayer warriors that have been praying for Haiti. The following info was posted on the Haitian Angels yahoo group today:
The country is pretty much back to normal. There are no blocked streets and the people are resuming their normal daily activities.The Prime Minister Jacquet Alexis is no longer the Prime Minister and now the President will select another person to fill the position. The people are satisfied with this action and are no longer demonstrating; HOWEVER, they are waiting to see if things will be better. The president has asked the reduction of certain foods (spaghetti,ketchup, meat, etc); however, the people would like to see the price of primary foods like rice, oil, beans reduced. There is talk (haven't verified) that Brazil has given Haiti tons of food and that they are talking about having canteens.

As someone else said - to put this in perspective, imagine having to pay $50 for a bag of rice when your annual income is $400. Really, can any of us imagine the hardship of that? Thankfully life in Haiti has settled down for now. We still need to keep praying that the hunger in Haiti will be relieved & these people will be delivered from their situation in Jesus name.

Another piece of happiness today was that our adoption account had increased by $30! Hooray - that makes a total of $70 increase since this time last week. Thank you Lord for this blessing!


Katy said...

Praise God that prayers are being answered, and things are calming down in Haiti...Hooray for every donation that brings you one step closer to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

So happy. What a relief.

Thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog today. It meant a lot to me.