Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I Feel Weird When People Ask How We're Doing

In a word...pressure. I feel a great amount of pressure when people ask how we are doing.

I would place the "askers" in three categories:
  1. People who didn't think we should have adopted in the first place, are waiting to hear horror stories about how our family has been turned upside down, and can't wait to say, "I told you so". Tisk tisk.
  2. People who want me to say that things are all sunshine and roses and that I must be smiling all the time and skipping joyfully about my day because my dream has come true. To say anything to the contrary of this brings about a look of shock & dismay. Oh my!
  3. People who know us, love us, and have genuine concern for how things are going. These people are perfectly happy to hear both the good and the bad and don't judge us based on the response of that moment.

Askers one and two are HIGH pressure (at least for me). Thankfully the majority of people are in category three. It's really pretty easy to distinguish who's asking for what reason. If you are in category 3, ask anything you like and we are happy to answer. We love that you care and we love that you love us no matter what our response is.

No child, by birth or adoption, is pure joy 100% of the time. Children are complex little buggars who require a lot of work. Add to that my own baggage & issues...aye, aye, aye. Someone recently said to me that parenting kids is the best worst job ever. True that!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Somethings Brewin'

I have a lot of posts brewing in my head. I think of something I want to write about and try to come up with a semi-clever title. When I sit down to write my thoughts I feel uninspired, type a few sentences, and promptly quit.

I've Started Things Like:
Why I Feel Weird When People Ask How We're Doing
I'm Not Colorblind
Please Don't Put Her on a Pedestal
God Will Tell Us When We're Done
We're Not Heroes
Life...Normal, but Not

I think it's mostly because life just feels pretty hectic right now. In addition to adjusting to our new normal, there are just SO MANY activities going on with school wrapping up. Not to mention dentist and doctor appointments up the wazoo. I don't like this fast paced, go, go, go life. I'm not cut out for it and it is showing.

I'm ready for relaxed bedtimes and meals. I'm ready for no homework or packing lunches. I'm ready for life to slow down just a bit. Bring on the summer!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Believe it or not, we had snow Friday night. Huge flakes falling from the sky in MAY! It was fun to see Mercy experience her first (of many) snowfalls. Let's hope the next one doesn't come until November or so.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tender Through & Through

Caring, thoughtful & loving are just some of the words I could use to describe Keaton. We are so thankful God gave us this sweet child nine years ago. He has the most sensitive heart and is so helpful. He says he wants to be a baker when he grows up so he can combine his love of cooking with art. Happy Birthday son...we love you!